Focusing on the Positive 

I think every educator can agree with me that sometimes we have to do things that we don’t want to as part of our jobs. It is a part of being an educator and you have to suck it up. You can’t refuse to complete assigned duties or go to required PD. The only thing you can control is the way you react to those requirements. I am trying to control my views by focusing on the postive. 

I faced my first test of this new focus on  Monday. I started my job in the district in January but I missed the required new teacher training. I was informed via email that I was required to attend the training this year. At first I went back to thinking in my normal pessimistic fashion. I was thinking, ” this is stupid what can I possibly learn.” I thought that the training was going to be a complete waste of time where I already knew everything. I was wrong and my pessimistic attitude was making me more upset than I should have been. 

 The last two days have been pretty great. I arrived at the high school and bumped into my first new teacher to the district. Once I started talking to her I realized that I could use the first day as an opportunity to help others. I helped her locate the training. Then I met all the new teachers coming to my school and started to develop relationships with them. I also helped some teachers from other schools navigate our new email system. My willingness to help was noticed by people at the district level and my principal.  Our director of technology even acknowledged me as an individual who can assist people in my school and in the district. 

Today was even better because I was determined to learn something new. We had an excellent PD that focused on the 3 keys to Classroom Leadership: Relationships, Expectations, and Discipline. The main thing I learned today was that I should let the students help me create the rules so they become agreements between me and the students.  Our two agreements will be “Be Respective” and “Be Engaged”. The students will help me define what goes into those agreements the first week of school. This will help me develop a relationship with my students and make them feel like they have some control of the learning environment. I plan to continue this positive outlook throughout the year and you should too.

When you are required to do lunch duty, parking lot duty, or breakfast duty look at it as a way to form relationships with your students. If you have to attend a meeting look at it as a way to spend time with your colleagues. If you have a PD attend it with a determination to learn something new. Focusing on the positive will make your day brighter. 


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