Took: A Book Review

Do you like a good ghost story as much as I do? If you love ghost stories then you should pick up Took on September 15, 2015. 

Mary Downing Hahn does not disappoint. She starts the book by introducing a creepy old woman who is determined to prey on a family that will soon be coming to live in a farm house in Woodville, West Virginia. The main character of the story is a boy named Daniel who moves into the farm house with his mother, father, and little sister Erica. 

When the family arrives Daniel and Erica feel unease about the house. They are both afraid of the house and the woods surrounding it. Their fear is compounded by whispers from the woods and tales of an old lady who uses a vicious pet to steal children. 

Creepy events continue throughout the story until Erica goes missing and Daniel’s family almost falls apart. Children who read this book  might relate to the real life problems featured in the story including: financial problems, bullies at school, and discord between parents. A page turner from the beginning to the end, this book is for anyone who enjoys ghost stories. 


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