A Shout Out to a Library Great!

I wanted to do a quick post to give a Happy Birthday shoutout to Mr. Schu. 
I first heard about Mr. Schu from my sister Sara. She told me he was really great. Then before I went to Nerd Camp my mother said “you are going to love Mr. Schu.” With all the praise I had high expectations for Mr. Schu. 

He did not disappoint me. I entered his packed session at nerd camp and sat down at a table full of books. I learned how to smell and undress books. I laughed and I cried. I also developed a huge lists of books that I wanted. Then I got a free book. It was one of the best scheduled PD sessions I have been to. I followed Mr. Schu on Twitter when we returned to our hotel because I wanted to see what else he had to say. 

Even though I have only met Mr. Schu once I feel like I know him because of everything he shares with us on Twitter. So I have a few things I would like to say to Mr. Schu on his birthday:

Mr Schu on your birthday I would like to say thank you. Thank you for being an advocate for writers, illustrators, and librarians. Thank you for sharing amazing titles with us that we want to buy. Thank you for donating so many books to your Twitter followers and the Little Free Libraries you visit. Thank you for all the happy Saturday videos and blog posts you share that feature books and authors. Thank you for being the Ambassador for School Libraries. Thank you for providing lists of wordless picture books when asked by other school librarians. 

On your birthday I hope that you know all your nerd friends appreciate you. #mrschuisawesome 



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